I’ve been slowly working through Accelerated C++ over the past couple of weeks. It’s very good; there’s loads of information densely packed into its 250-odd pages. One thing that has frustrated me about working through the examples is having to retype the same things over-and over again to get the examples to successfully compile.

I appear not to be a lone in this, there are a couple of cpp compile shell scripts out there that do just that. This isn’t radically different, though it will give the executable a name matching the source file, and will attempt to open the source file once the compilation is complete.

At present, the script only accepts a single argument of the file (including the full filepath). This appears to be fine for my progress through the book so far, though I may end up revisiting this later on as I get onto the more complex exercises.

cd $filepath
g++ -ansi -pedantic-errors -Wall $filename -o $output

To use the above as an alias, save as a shell script, chmod it, and add an alias referencing it in your .zshrc. My alias looks like:

alias compile='zsh ~/Documents/scripts/strictcompile.sh'

– James